Tell A Good Story Or Bust!

There’s a saying (that may or may not be a Native American proverb) that states “Those who tell the stories rule the world. I believe the ability to tell a good story is crucial in business and life. This is something that I learned all throughout my life, from teacher’s parables, the film industry and especially Walt Disney.


Stories In Business

I read some interesting statistics lately that said 78% of chief marketing officers think custom content is the future of marketing, yet 62% of companies outsource their content marketing. Two thirds of marketers think branded content is superior to PR, direct mail, and print advertising.  According to Yahoo, interesting content is one of the top three reasons someone will follow a brand on social media, with 68 per cent of consumers reading content from a brand they’re interested in. We share billions of links and videos to pieces of content. As the amount  of content in our lives grows exponentially, what stands out is what tends to move us personally. The stories. Businesses who can create, find, and share the good stories and their personal creation/brand stories will build followings, that outshine their competitors. Additionally, no one can copy your creation story. They serve as such a unique identifier in such a crowded world.


Stories In Our Personal Lives

For individuals, people with powerful brands have a leg up on getting jobs and being promoted to leadership positions. Personal brands are built on sharing great personal stories through life’s journey. From a different perspective, the stories we tell ourselves are also important. I see so many people not even having the leading role in the story or movie that is their own life. They barely give themselves a walk on role! Sometimes the stories we make in our heads are not good for us.  If only we might try rearranging plot lines, seeing them from a different angle, and then come up with a better story, one that helps us on our way, then we might have more joyful lives.


Workers and Leaders Need To Tell Good Stories

Stories make things memorable.  Stories make ideas and lesson stick. This is why all great teachers have taught with parables. Stories help us persuade. Smart leaders tell stories to inspire us, empower us and move us. If you can’t tell a good story don’t you think you’re missing out?


What stories inspire you? What stories do you tell? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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