Thank you for taking an interest in reading my story.


Born in Tennessee on New Year’s Eve

Dad had a Can to save pennies for Christmas that year
Then it was stolen
Hard for ST nick to appear

Sometimes wandering what’s the deal
Us kids left wondering Whered we get the next meal
Dad never seemed to have no plan
mom embarrassed by the stamps in her hand
Then moved in with grandma
Who could grow food
Up north in jersey
Where kids were real rude
They said my eyes were Slanty
I talked funny
Which made then on the playground avoid me

A victim of child abuse
My dad put away
That was the last day
I saw his face ever again
Till his dying day
In an unmarked grave
is where he lay


11 was My first real kiss

He was dark and handsome
Then disappeared
With a family member
In a mess
We had to part
Crushed my heart

Then I was 12 this cute tall boy
held my hand
for a split second joy
We walked the boardwalk and he won me a toy
Then I get a call that was cruel
He drowned from a seizure while cleaning his pool
For a few years
Carved a heart s in my leg
A second the pain would go away

Started working at 13
Not to buy crap
But Moms sometimes
Borrowed just to get her some gas
Fast forward

Early Years

Moved to New York More turn of events

The new boyfriend moved on to his receptionist
Same weeks
Credit card stole
They bought shoes and flowers and some hoes
Ain’t it funny sometimes how the world goes

The doctor saw cells out of place
3 of us diagnosed within days
Only I survived
the other 2 went to their graves
Why was I spared
Thankful but still scared

This hereditary pain in my body everyday
Hard to even think some days
Like today
Still nyc
Health home and jobs in constant flux
A dark world and pain
Like no sunny days
And nothing but rain

Engaged again
Nothing but pain
He cared more for money and his master plan
Again I threw away that rock on my hand

I give and I give
With nothing returned
Just to be made happy on
An anniversary
Or my day of birth
But thats probably
A matter and test self worth

Not That Long Ago

My sister a hearttransplant at 32

Almost lost her then she pulled through
Then 10 years later to that day
A baby and my niece
She wasn’t ok
Only 10 years old
Left this world
My heart grew so cold
During her daughters hospital stay
my sister
Hit by a drunk driver
But she turned out ok

Mom can’t remember
The names sometimes
Loss of balance
A constant decline
Now sis needs a transplant for the second time

Now & Grateful

Despite all torture

There was always a stranger to offer a morsel
Or a shirt for my back
Though my clothes were rarely new from the rack
I’d fall
Then I dust off
Then get up again
Not to break but bend
Like that rose in the concrete
That thought it was done
Made it through the cracks
And finally saw the sun
Tried not to be bitter
Of what laid in store
Cause there’s a lot to be thankful for

Studied psychology and anthropology
Wrote a book Out Of Winter
Became An ambassador
At the un diplomats were in my quad
Forbes just invited me to be part of their squad
A master in productivity
Here this girl
8000 student from around the world
Help business owners understand
This Techie stuff
Websites digital ads web abled
And use social media to put bread on their tables

So that’s a few chapters
in my story
If you read this Please be kind or just ignore me
Stay tuned
I might have some more to add
Real soon











My life experiences and especially by adversities have made me come to a few conclusions in how I want to try and live. I came up with what I call "The Renaissance Way," which are my guidelines for life and business. The Renaissance Way, is the WHY of everything I do and the WAY in which I want to do it. In other words, the way in which I choose to try and live. I am never perfect but it is a journey of growth not a destination.