April 8, 2007

Poisoness Playmates – Negative People In Your Life – A Lesson From The Artist Way

Getting unstuck in life, finally finding your wings, and a glimpse of happiness? You finally feel like a ball is rolling in life. You have gotten beyond the “going sane feels like going crazy” bit ,and are able to recognize self sabotage, self victimization, and self doubt and neutralize it […]
March 25, 2007

Aimless Wanderer – A Poetic Thought About Wanderers

Am I an aimless wander powerless against the obstacles that the world seems to throw, Or the obstacles my mind make-believe? Does my wondering seek knowledge without a real question. a wanting without a real destination, a vision without a real image? How do I see myself? Do I really […]
November 25, 2004

Numinous Experience Vs. Mystical Experience

In the text “Worldviews: Crosscultural Explorations of Human Beliefs,” Ninian Smart tries to make clear the concepts of the numinous and the mystical religious experiences. Throughout history humans have recorded the life changing and sometimes world changing experiences that occur and that drive them to take certain actions.  Sometimes these […]