10 Pieces Of Advice I’ve Offered On Forbes

Since October I’ve been fortunate to have the privilege, along with amazing colleagues, to offer snippets of my advice that have appeared on Forbes now 10 TIMES ? below is a list of these 10 pieces of advice I’ve offered through #Forbes.com


13 Thought Leadership Mistakes That Can Tarnish Your Personal Brand


(12) Trying To Be Someone You’re Not

Many women leaders equate men and masculinity with good or more successful leadership. This becomes apparent when they start to develop a personal brand and are faced with the dilemma of artificially overshadowing their femininity with masculine traits in their branding and thought leadership. Do not try to be something you are not. You will only end up unhappy in the end. – Rosalee Laws, The Rosalee Laws Company


12 Clear Signs It’s Time To Pivot Your Business


(4.) You’re Spending Too Much Time Putting Out Fires

It’s a huge indicator that your business needs to change when you feel as though you spend more time putting out fires on a daily basis, and leave everyday feeling likes nothing has been accomplished. When this happens, it’s time to take a step back, reassess and plan on a higher level. – Rosalee Laws, The Rosalee Laws Company,


Want To Make An Impact? Here’s How To Identify Areas For Improvement At Your Company


(14.) Bring ‘The Little Things’ To Leadership’s Attention

Sometimes, because leadership is not in the trenches dealing with the customers, they can get lost. This is where an employee has an advantage. Employees can bring to light repetitive complaints, a.k.a. the “little things” from customers. Suggest a planning retreat that helps your leaders with the little things, and bring your own ideas for improvements. – Rosalee Laws, The Rosalee Laws Company


12 Trust-Building Tips For Converting Contacts Into Clients


5. Think Long-Term

When I am taking on a new client, I don’t just think of the immediate sale; I think of how I can have a new client for life. This outward thinking approach and genuine care about the needs of a client puts you ahead of most when it comes to sales. Show a potential client you care about what they need, and listen instead of being in your own head rehearsing a pitch. – Rosalee Laws, The Rosalee Laws Company


15 Ways To Get Your Boss To Stop Micromanaging You


3. Conduct An Interaction Audit

Inexperienced leaders generally micromanage as a way to feel in control. If you’re the employee and you need to get your new leader to stop micromanaging you, take one week and make a list of all the interactions you have with the manager. Then, meet with them and share ideas on how you can improve interactions. Communicate how you can save them time based on specifics from your list. – Rosalee Laws, The Rosalee Laws Company


15 Important Things Every Superb Communicator Does


8. Be A Good Story Teller

Whether you’re presenting to a room full of people or pitching a new client, having a listener engaged is the crucial part of communicating. Why are so many great teachings told in parables? It’s because as humans, we are wired to understand, connect and retain the information in stories much better than a list of facts and figures. Becoming a superb storyteller can make you a master communicator. – Rosalee Laws, The Rosalee Laws Company


Company Under Scrutiny? How To Manage Your Internal Team As A High-Visibility Leader


9. Admit You’re Actually Human To Your Team

The best leaders focus on the accountability: We have to see each other as human beings first. If you’ve messed up, admit it to your team. Fight that impulse to HIMJAB, or hide, ignore, minimize, justify, avoid, or play the blame game. Sincerely apologize or be transparent about what happened. If you’ve built the right team, they will have even greater respect for you. – Rosalee Laws, The Rosalee Laws Company


Seven Ways To Best Use Twitter For Customer Service


6. Monitor More Than Messages And Mentions

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when using Twitter for customer service is forgetting to monitor more than just their Twitter mentions and direct messages. At the very least, you should monitor your messages, mentions, hashtags, company nicknames, product names and leadership names. Forgetting to monitor these makes you blind to all the more subtle ways customers reach out on Twitter. – Rosalee Laws, The Rosalee Laws Company


Eight Methods Professionals Can Use to Reduce Stress


6. Don’t Check Your Email First Thing

The best practical strategy that a modern professional should follow is to not check email first thing in the morning! Adhere to a strict email policy. Otherwise, you are letting other people’s requests already run your day. -Rosalee Laws, Rosalee Laws Company


10 Entrepreneurs Share Advice They Wish They Had Known Earlier


3. Don’t Fly Solo

One piece of advice I wished I had learned earlier in my business career is to never fly solo. Always have at least one accountability buddy, master-mind group or mentor that is a higher level than you, so you are constantly challenging yourself to grow. These types of relationships are indispensable to keeping a leader sane. -Rosalee Laws, Rosalee Laws Company

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